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Newmedics Micro-Cool System

The Newmedic Systems Micro-Cool therapy system is used primarily in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and other treatment facilities. However, its compact size and light weight make it ideally suited for home use as well.

Use of the Micro-Cool system promotes reduced swelling with a resultant reduction in pain in the area affected. Whether in post-surgical or post-injury application, patients report benefits beyond the more traditional methods. Accordingly, pain medication may be reduced, avoiding the side effects normally associated with their use.

Micro-Cool therapy has consistently resulted in a faster recovery time, allowing for shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to normal activities.

The Micro-cool system employs state-of-the art technology to create a safer and easier to use method of delivering cold therapy than traditional ice packs and other thermoelectric devices.

The unit, which weighs only 8lbs., includes a powerful pump, and easy-to-use control panel and a flow indicator light (to show any obstruction of the cooling system). A convenient integral bedrail hanger allows for flexibility of use, depending on the patient’s needs.

A variety of pads in several shapes and sizes are available for use on all areas of the body, with two pads specifically designed for the knee and shoulder. Newmedic Systems pads are designed and constructed from the highest quality materials to allow for excellent conformity, limited condensation, and continuous delivery of cooling solution.


  • Size: 8 ¼” x 5 ¾” x 9 5/8” (wdh)
  • Weight: 8lbs (dry)
  • Power: 120 VAC, 155 Watts, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Cord: 12 ft long
  • Fluid Capacity: 500ml
  • Standards compliance: UL56CN