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Enviro Energy - Draft Stopper

Newmedic Systems is a leader in the industry of designing inflatable products.  When Enviro Energy was in need of a company to design and manufacture their energy conserving draft stopper Newmedic Systems

The Fireplace DraftStopper (also refered to as the Fireplace Plug or Chimney Pillow) is an original Canadian invention. It is an inflatable 'pillow', made from a specially formulated polyurethane material, designed to seal the fireplace when it is not being used. It can reduce your heating and air conditioning costs by as much as 30 percent, often paying for itself in a single energy bi ll. The material used to construct the Fireplace DraftStopper is very durable (strong enough to stand on) and grabs well against masonry or metal surfaces. This material has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it will withstand seasonal temperature changes and creosote deposits without puncturing.

The Fireplace DraftStopper is made from durable 14 ml. polyurethane. The material we use was specifically formulated for our product to withstand the acid that can form when normal fireplace soot combines with moisture to form a creosote which will burn most comparable materials.

The Fireplace DraftStopper is sealed using a process known as radio frequency welding. This process is far superior to heat or adhesive sealing processes. The seals are so strong that a man of average weight can stand on an inflated Fireplace DraftStopper without breaking it. Under most conditions the Fireplace DraftStopper will not puncture, however, we do advise removal of rough concrete edges or sharp metal objects in the sealing area of your firebox.

The Fireplace DraftStopper comes with fluorescent orange warning label attached to the inflation tube that is clearly visible should you prepare to build a fire. If, despite the warning, you fail to remove the Fireplace DraftStopper before lighting a fire testing by Warnocky Hersey Labs in British Columbia found the Fireplace DraftStopper melted, fell onto the fire and smothered the flames. 100’s of units were destroyed during the testing and in every case the Fireplace DraftStopper did not pose a fire hazard, therefore it was deemed to be a passive product.