Newmedic Products

Newmedics Cuffs & Tourniquets

Newmedic Systems carries a diverse range of inflatable products; the semi-disposable surgical tourniquets, inflatable blood pressure cuff, and inflatable birthing pillows. These products perform with equally high standards of excellence in the medical industry.

Newmedic Systems is particularly proud of a line of inflatable blood pressure cuffs which have maintained impeccable safely records over as many as 75,00 cycles. In addition, nearly ten million Newmedic Systems semi-disposable surgical tourniquets have been performing in the field for 25 years without failure.

Dedicated to quality of the highest degree, Newmedic Systems premier manufacturing team is armed with the most advanced engineering technologies in the field. Specifically trained and experienced in the business of new product tooling, Newmedic Systems ensures unparallel levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our goal with our cuffs & tourniquets is to turn your ideas and designs into viable products at a price and delivery schedule that will maximize the potential for success. With years of experience in the intricacies of product design, patent applications and licensing regulations, Newmedic Systems is ready to help guide your dreams into reality.